Ānuenue ma Mānoa: Interaction

We are part of this unity of ānuenue connection.

We all intertwine seamlessly.
Where the light hits the bead of water, dispersing colors for us to see.

The water nourishes our plants.

The wind provides us with renewable clean energy.

The light gives our plants photosynthesis.

The land cultivates resources for us.

Nature works harmoniously together for us. They sing and chant for us. A symphony for our life.



Diagrams from The Secrets of the Best Rainbows on Earth, Steven Businger
The connection between light and water are the two main entities in which ānuenue interacts with. As the light enters the single raindrop, it decelerates and bends, contorting the direction of the angle then creating a refraction. This contortion causes the dispersion of the spectrum of light, a different wavelength of colors. The mechanism inside the droplet is where the light reflects off and refracts exiting the colors causing a circular pattern. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. The spectator has to be at the perfect angle to witness the great and natural phenomenon which is what makes this a spectacular occurrence. If I ponder on this interaction, we are part of the entities to contribute to this connection and interaction. Without Makani the droplets change the positioning and direction of the droplets, obscuring the image of the rainbow. Colors can be faint, but ānuenue essentially relies on Makani. Just like how water flows, we donʻt think much of it but to accept it. It seamlessly interweaves itself into our lives, often overlooking the process to get to us. When we look at a rainbow we instinctively capture a picture of it. We never stop to think about how this magnificent phenomenon is formed, the intricacies of the process, the entities involved and interact with it.


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