The Story of Kahalaopuna

Illustrated by my sister, Dianne Marie Cabico. The Life that Ignites 

Kahaukana, also known as the Mānoa wind, and Kauahuahine, the Mānoa rain, were joined in marriage and had a daughter named Kahalaopuna, whose beauty captivated many. As she traveled, she left a trail of light and her spiritual presence could be felt at places like Kahaiamano, where she lived. Kahalaopuna was betrothed to Kauhi, a young chief from Kailua, but her charm also attracted the attention of other men, who bestowed gifts upon her. Kauhi, consumed by jealousy, eventually killed Kahalaopuna, but she miraculously came back to life several times. After many attempts to take her life, Kahalaopuna tragically died but was resurrected by Mahana, a young chief. Mahana and Kauhi fought each other, resulting in Kauhi's death, but his spirit lived on as the shark of Waikiki.
When youʻre in Mānoa, you can feel her. When you’re walking along the asphalt road, you can smell her. The ground absorbed with water, little remnants as puddles some may step on. The fragrance of floral, the earthy, fresh smell after it pours. Kahalaopuna reminds everyone of her existence. She illuminates her beauty as a reminder of reverence. Sustained by Kahaukana and Kauahuahine, she is brought to life. She knows people are watching, she’s surrounded by praise.